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On site or remotely, our IT skills can help you!


Our areas of intervention


Do you need help or training to use an application or software?

A hardware problem or a need of advice before acquisition?

We can help you to tame this complex but very practical world. From office automation tools to business software, including image editing software, we will guide you and bring you the best of ourselves to support you.


You need to to watch or from monitor your IT park andbe alerted even before problems arise ?

You wish rent a hosting server in the cloud?

You do not have the internal resources to manage your IT equipment / servers?

You want set up a computer network ?

We are here, with professional quality solutions. We can even monitor your infrastructure (internal and / or external) and manage breakdowns for you!


Automate things! Use the Internet for you promote and increase your business !

With simple applications or even Excel macros, you can augmenter votre productivité de manière très significative. We can help you develop these tools, use your Excel files to make them intelligent, efficient and automated.

You are not present on the Internet? Is your current site aging and unattractive? We can update it, give it a facelift 🙂

One of your applications is not very ergonomic, slow, or lacking in functionality? Let's improve it for you!

Repair - Troubleshooting

Need a troubleshooting on your PC ?

Your computer does not start anymore ? He is slow ? Your messaging no longer works? Need help reinstalling it?

We are here !

Supervision - Monitoring

Your activity requires a 24/7 availability of your servers? You don't watch them?

We suggest you set up a supervision / monitoring system that monitors your servers continuously and automatically. You be alerted to the slightest problem hardware (CPU, RAM, disk space, etc.) or software (databases, services, applications, etc.).

Sometimes even before the problem happens ^^ !

Creation of a website

Don't have a website? In 2020!?!

We can help you create your site, e-commerce or not. Of thedomain name purchase to the production of your site, via theacquisition of hosting at the best price, we're here!

Don't miss formidable factor of commercial growth.

Creation - Graphic retouching

Needa logo ? Something that represents your business in a modern way?

A retouche photo/image ?

Professional results that meet your expectations.

Data backups

You do not have no backup of your files ? From your databases? It's dangerous !

A many solutions exist, from backup machines can be set up cheaper, don’t save it!

Visual Basic for Application VBA

The Visual Basic for Applications programming language can automate many things. We develop applications in Excel that can perform many tasks with the click of a single button!

Our many years of experience allow us to intervene in many areas

One single provider, it's possible ? YES, our skills at your service allow you to have ONE contact for ALL IT NEEDS ! Available, responsive, efficient and a force for proposals 🙂

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